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  • Land is a Tangible Asset: Unlike stocks and share, buying land means that you are buying something that is Tangible, that can be physically seen, cared for and potentially developed into something of further value.

  • The Availability of land will not last forever: The amount of land for sale is continuously diminishing as more and more of it gets developed to meet the increasing demand. This increasing demand will naturally mean higher prices in the future in high demand area.

  • Buying Land is cost effective: Compared to investing in property market, investing in undeveloped land cost very less, which has made possible for everyone to invest.

  • Housing Shortage :Due to not enough houses been build in the recent decades, longer life span, high divorce rates ,high emigration rates and natural population growth makes the Land as investment, A HOT PROPERTY.

  • (Low Risk High Returns) Never Depreciates Even if the place is destroyed in War Land is & still Remains

  • Historically, Outperformed all other Asset Classes (Secret of Builders and Developers Wealth)

  • Mother of all Economic Activities,

  • Agriculture, Manufacturing, Industrial, Sports, Residence, Social Activities, etc all need land

  • Inflation Hedge: Land Prices move in Tandem with Inflation Direct Correlation

  • Tangible:Can be Touched and Walked Upon (It's Proud to be Land – Owner)

  • Easy Value Addition: Small Value Additions can Results into, Big Value Appreciation

  • (Plantation, Fencing, Compound Wall, Water, Electricity, Road Access, Construction, etc.)

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